Room Air Purifier With Remote

Model No : (RAP 01)
  • It has 7 Stage Filtration Process:

    a) Pre Aluminium Filter :

    Remove Large Granule Dust, Dander, Pollen, Floating Compound and other Pollutants. It is washable and reusable.

    b) Cold Catalyst Filter :

    It can be used to deal with Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Benezene, TVOC, Hydrogen Sulfide and other Harmful Gases released by Plywood, Furniture, Wallpapers, Carpets, Curtains & Bedspreads.

    c) Active Carbon Filter :

    It removes the Bad Odour from the Room.

    d) Antibacterial Filter :

    It kills all the Bacteria in the Air.

    e) HEPA Filter :

    It is able to eliminate particles which are larger than 0.01 micron with the filtration rate of 99% or more. Dust, Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, Allergens, and other small and tiny particles are not able to get through the HEPA Filter.

    f) UV Sterilize Light :

    It can be used only when Pets at the home.

    g) Ionizer :

    It can be used mainly in the Doctors Clinic & the Hospitals or if somebody suffering from Cold at home.

  • It can be operated through Remote also.
  • After 2500 hrs Filters to be clean by vacuum suction.
  • After 5000 hrs set of 4 Filters (Cold Catalyst, Active Carbon, Antibacterial & HEPA) need to replace.
  • Pre Aluminium Filter has to be clean like Air Condition Filter or as required.